The Digital Promise Platform

a revolutionary tool for creating trustworthy
In a networked world, trust is the most important currency.
Eric Schmidt

What is this?

We are a platform for instant single, two-party or multi-party agreement verification (promise given, promise delivered).

Our product is a mobile and web-based app for individual users and groups, and API for business and integration solutions.

How it works?

We utilize blockchain technology to provide a platform for instant agreement verification.

The easy-to-use social platform interface allows for maximum interaction with like-minded users.

The records of promises become immutable through the use of our stack of technologies and are validated through self-executing agreements.

Why should I use this?

We built our platform to integrate new possibilities of interaction between users. Users themselves become the arbiters of honesty and trustworthiness, issuing their own Digital Promises.

Trust is an essential component in personal relations and business.

In the modern digitized marketplace the main problem is one of relations lacking in trust built on a normative system.

What it gives?

Our solution is to create an online presence system where anyone can issue a Digital Promise and track its status.

You can use the app for fun activities with friends, and business agreements with entities and companies, or you can integrate our API into your service or product.

U Promise Me is a concept with an unlimited potential, where you can take it wherever you want!

Mobile application

The U Promise Me team will be releasing and app for mobile access to a neutral registry of promises with instant agreement verification.

Our app is 100% user-oriented and friendly. We aim to connect and engage a wide and diverse community, within and outside of the crypto digital ecosystems. Digital promissory note features will be coming in the near future!



The concept of digital promise was born


Q1 - Q2
  • System Architecture
  • Design
Q3 - Q4
  • Tokenomics
  • Start of development
  • Whitepaper


Q1 - Q2
  • NFT Seals
  • Mobile App development
  • Pre-Seed Sale
Q3 - Q4
  • Private Sale
  • Establishing Partnerships
  • MVP Release
  • Marketing Campaign
  • Launchpad listing
  • Public Sale
  • First DEX listing
  • First CEX listing


  • Wallet
  • Beta Release
  • Bridges
  • Test Net
  • Market expansion
  • Main Net
  • B2B Sales


  • DAO Announcement

Team and advisors

  • Leon RizziChairman / Co-founder
    Click to face Leon Rizzi's LinkedIn page

    Leon Rizzi

    Chairman / Co-founder

    25 years of progressive experience in forming & implementing successful B2B/B2C digital & fintech growth strategies.

    Chief Revenue Officer @ ReachNow-moovel (Daimler/BMW), Berlin, Germany

    Sales Director @ moovit, Tel Aviv, Israel

    Senior VP Growth EMEA Region @ Inrix, Seattle, WA

    Senior VP Sales & Country Manager @ Digital Globe, Russia

    CEO @ Bentley Systems, Russia & CIS
  • Mike MironovCEO / Co-founder
    Click to face Mike Mironov's LinkedIn page

    Mike Mironov

    CEO / Co-founder

    10 years of experience of IT producе management and system architecture

    Founder @ Singapore outsource software house: web3, blockchain, crypto assets, fintech products (payment service engines, exchange engines, portfolio management, trading engines, wallets)

    Crypto enthusiast since 2014

  • Christoph StadlerCOO / CRO
    Click to face Christoph Stadler's LinkedIn page

    Christoph Stadler

    COO / CRO

    10 years proven track record of global growth and territory expansion, including tech companies such as moovel and mytaxi

    Highly experienced in strategy, business growth, sales, business development and strategic partnership development

    Strong global network across various industries and governmental institutions
  • Niko MoskwinProject Manager
    Click to face Niko Moskwin's LinkedIn page

    Niko Moskwin

    Project Manager

    Project and team manager with 10+ years experience in different type of projects:
    from web and mobile to educational technologies and game development

    Launched over 50 projects and products.

    Experience in team leadership, management processes building, profits and loss control

    Blackbelt in excel and google spreadsheets
  • Oleg LukashevCTO

    Oleg Lukashev


    Senior developer with 10+ years of experience. Built a lot of projects:
    from Fintech (Blockchain and DAG) to Social Networks.

    Experienced in tech leadership and implementation of a wide range of technical solutions.
  • Boris GritSmart Contract Developer

    Boris Grit

    Smart Contract Developer

    Seasoned and enthusiastic developer

    Has more than 30 years of experience in a wide range of technologies

    Tezos smart contract developer (Ligo, Archetype)

    Fullstack web developer (PHP, Node/Javascript, Go)

    Android application developer (Java, Kotlin)
  • Garry BandelmanDesigner

    Garry Bandelman


    UX / UI designer, UX researcher

    Mobile & Web interface designer

    Graphic designer since 2014

    Cognitive psychology enthusiast

  • James SmithAdvisor

    James Smith


    Experienced problem solver and technology enthusiast, open-source advocator.

    Has more than 25 years of experience in IT development.

    Senior developer (C++, Java, Objective/C, Java, Kotlin).
  • Jayren TeoAdvisor
    Click to face Jayren Teo's LinkedIn page

    Jayren Teo


    President and Co-Founder of ASEAN Youth Organization

    Country Host (Singapore) for Global Enterpreneurship Week
  • Oleg KotlyarovAdvisor
    Click to face Oleg Kotlyarov's LinkedIn page

    Oleg Kotlyarov


    Co-Founder / CEO of Attarius Network

    Co-Founder of Zoomby Games Studio

    Developer of user interfaces and customer journey design

    Experienced in managing the development of high-load corporate projects

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